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10 Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

23 Jan, 2020 dental-care

Tooth Loss IllustrationThe average adult has 32 teeth, although you may have only 28 if you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed. While people often tend to focus on their teeth in the smile zone, you need to remember that each tooth serves an important role.

From your canines to your molars, your teeth help you to bite and chew your food. They also help you to speak properly. Even a single missing tooth can lead to the loss of bone mass in your jaw that affects your other teeth.

We’re always ready to give advice on how to take care of your teeth during your office visits. You can also use these 10 tips to make sure that you keep every precious tooth.

Eat a Tooth-Friendly Diet

You already know to stay away from sweets. We also recommend adding food to your diet that helps to prevent decay. Crunchy vegetables are great for helping to brush away food debris. Consider adding a veggie tray to any special feast.

Learn to Brush Properly

Most people should brush their teeth at least twice a day. You should also be careful to use the right technique. Brushing too hard can wear away enamel and damage your gums. Ask us to show you how to brush gently while still being effective with your plaque and tartar removal.

Floss Every Day

Tooth Loss Prevention Tip - Flossing

You have several options for flossing. Some people prefer traditional string floss. Others like water flossers. We encourage you to find what works best for you so that you don’t put off this essential oral hygiene step.

Schedule Regular Exams and Cleanings

We definitely enjoy seeing your beautiful smile around the office, but we don’t just tell you to come in every six months because we miss you. We know that regular visits give you the best chance of catching issues early. If you need more frequent cleanings, then be sure to attend them to minimize the risk of gum disease and cavities.

Limit Acidic Drinks

That daily soda habit may be destroying your teeth. If you must have a soda or juice, then drink it immediately rather than sipping on it all day. Then, follow it up with a refreshing glass of water to help restore the pH balance to your mouth.

Address Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can occur with certain medical conditions. Let us know if you have dry mouth. We can offer you special mouth rinses to keep your gum tissues moist.

Remember That Teeth Are Not Tools

We can’t say this enough. Don’t try to open packages or lids with your teeth. Grab a pair of scissors to prevent tooth fractures.

Wear a Mouthguard During Sports

Sports are another common cause of lost teeth. Ask for us to fit you for a mouthguard that offers more protection than other types. You may even need to wear one for sports that you might not think about such as bicycling in places where you are at risk for falls.

Bring Up Nighttime Teeth Grinding

This habit often happens without your knowledge, but you may notice signs of grinding such as headaches and worn out teeth. We can give you a special mouthguard to prevent your habit from breaking your teeth.

Replace Teeth That You’ve Already Lost

You can’t save a tooth that is already gone, but you can prevent further tooth loss

Tooth replacements, such as dental implants and dentures, help to keep the jawbone and ligaments strong. This helps hold your other teeth in place.

Tooth loss prevention is one of our main focuses here at Noble Dental Care. While you do your part at home, you can always trust us to be ready to help. Whether you need a cavity filled or are worried about bleeding gums, don’t let a small problem turn into a big gap in your mouth.


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