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5 Alternatives to Traditional String Floss

12 Jul, 2019 dental-care

Regular teeth flossing is just as important as toothbrushing. Dental floss works to prevent cavities between your teeth where a toothbrush might not reach. 

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A proper flossing technique also goes just beneath the gum line to remove plaque that can lead to gum disease. Although it only takes flossing once a day to achieve the best benefits, you may face challenges with getting it done. 

For some people, traditional string floss is hard to hold. You may have trouble flossing if you have arthritis or other health conditions that affect your hand mobility. You may also just dislike how it feels to use regular floss. 

These 5 alternatives to traditional string floss give you several options, helping you to find the best solution for this essential part of your oral hygiene routine.

Use a Disposable Floss Holder

The proper way to hold dental floss requires you to have an adequate amount of finger dexterity. If you find wrapping the floss around your fingers and holding it the right way challenging, then a disposable floss holder is an option that helps. 

Floss holders have a plastic handle that already has floss pre-strung on it. You then just hold the handle to guide the floss between your teeth. 

Slide Between Teeth With an Interdental Brush

Interdental brushes are typically made from a thin piece of wire that has soft bristles around it. You can use these brushes to slide between your teeth to remove plaque, much like a toothbrush does. 

While this is an effective solution, you do need to keep in mind that it works best if you have larger spaces between your teeth. 

Give a Dental Pick a Try

Traditional wooden toothpicks have been used for many years to remove large pieces of food from between the teeth. 

Dental picks are a cross between interdental brushes and toothpicks. They are typically made from soft rubber that may have short bristles molded into the form. You then run these picks between your teeth to remove food and other debris that accumulates there.

Spray With a Water Flosser

Water flossers are one of the easier alternatives to string floss that you can use. You may have even tried using a water flosser instead of dental floss if you have ever had orthodontic treatment. 

To use a water flosser, you simply fill the canister with water and along the gum line and between your teeth.

Try an Electric Air Flosser

Electric air flossers work just like water flossers. However, they also create short blasts of air along with shooting out water. 

Some people find that the air adds a little more gentle force that helps to get the teeth and gum lines cleaner. 

In some cases, electric air flossers also allow you to add special rinses to the water to further reduce bacterial populations along the gum line.

If you face challenges with traditional string floss, then be willing to experiment to find an alternative that encourages you to stay on track with your oral hygiene. 


We also encourage you to let us know if you struggle with flossing. We can assess your technique during your next appointment, or recommend other solutions such as more frequent cleanings, to make sure that plaque and tartar do not build up between your teeth.

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