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5 Questions to Ask Your New Dentist

11 Oct, 2021 general-dentistry

Dentist attending to his new patient.

Going to a new dentist for the first time is a chance to learn more about their practice. Asking the right questions will help you get to know each other better. 

What Questions Should You Ask a New Tempe Dentist?

You may even find out new things about your oral health. These five questions are great conversation starters. You can use them to start building a strong relationship with your new dentist.

What Is Your Policy On Continuing Education?

People often ask about a dentist’s educational history and credentials. This is a great starting point for finding a good dentist. 

You also want to know what the dentist is doing now. Dentists are often required to take special courses to keep their licenses. 

The best dentists view continuing their education as being vital for quality patient care. You also want to know that every member of their team stays up-to-date on the latest opportunities to expand their knowledge.

Can You Accommodate My Personal Needs?

You may have special needs that impact your dental care. 

People with autism or chronic pain may need frequent breaks during their treatments. 

Or you may be pregnant and concerned about certain medications or x-rays. Opening up this conversation can give you reassurance that the dentist can meet your needs for health and comfort.

Your personal needs could also be directly related to your teeth. You may know that you need to replace a missing tooth. If so, then check to see if your dentist does dental implants.

The same could also be true for family care needs. Finding out if your dentist treats children or senior adults helps you plan for everyone’s care.

How Do You Handle Dental Emergencies?

Dentists who encourage you to be proactive are the best. A broken tooth is painful, and you need to know that you can get relief right away. The same is also true for a lost crown or filling. 

Ideally, you should hear that your dentist tries to offer same day emergency appointments. Being able to treat a major dental problem immediately can make the difference for saving your tooth.

Woman asking questions to her new dentist.

Do You See Any Signs of Developing Dental Issues?

Seeing a new dentist means that you have a fresh pair of eyes to identify dental problems. Your dentist will likely recommend treating issues that are a high priority first. 

They can also sometimes tell you what you might need to consider for the future. For example, you could be showing signs of early gum disease

Knowing this will help you discuss the need of having more frequent cleanings.

What Can I Work On at Home?

A Tempe dentist can correct a lot of damage using specialized treatments. It is also better to prevent oral health problems when you can. 

Your dentist can show you if you are brushing and flossing correctly. They can also recommend ways to make your teeth stay whiter for a longer period of time.


Letting your dentist know that you are interested in doing more care at home is helpful. They’ll listen to your main concerns and offer effective strategies for making your next dental visit go even better.

Getting to know your new dentist takes time. Your dental health is also constantly evolving. We leave extra time in every appointment to address your questions. 

As new questions come up, feel free to ask them. Good communication with your dentist helps us both do our part with improving your oral health.