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Broken Dentures: Now What?

21 Nov, 2019 restorations

Broken DenturesA well-fitted set of dentures feels like a natural part of your mouth. Once you adjust to wearing them, you should feel comfortable eating, speaking and smiling.

They eventually feel like such a normal part of you that the discovery that they broke is upsetting.

When you’re looking forward to a special event, the last thing you want is to go without your teeth. In most cases, broken dentures are a rare event. Knowing what to do to get them fixed right away helps you get your teeth back in your mouth as soon as possible.

Never Attempt to Glue Dentures Back Together

The prospect of not having your dentures may cause you to feel desperate. Unfortunately, some people have tried to do things such as using household glue to put their dentures back together. These types of glues are not approved for oral use, and they can be poisonous. 

Denture Glue Information

Although there are DIY denture repair kits that are sold over the counter, we also recommend avoiding them. In some cases, you may damage your denture even further by attempting to glue it back together. If this happens, then you will have no other option but to replace it completely.

Schedule an Emergency Appointment

Broken DenturesWe view broken dentures as an emergency dental situation. In many cases, we can get you into the office the same day. If you must wait a day, then we can help you identify the best options for staying comfortable. 

For instance, you may have a backup pair of dentures that you could wear while you wait for a repair. If you have special circumstances, such as pain along your gum line, then make sure to mention this when you set your appointment. We can check to see if the broken part of your denture has hurt any part of your mouth.

Determine Your Repair Options

Minor damage to your dentures can often be repaired during a chairside service. This is the most likely option if your dentures have a minor chip in one of the teeth, or needs a simple relining procedure done. Dentures that are broken completely in half, or have multiple teeth broken, may need to be replaced by having a new set made at the lab.

During your visit, we will let you know about the type of repair that your dentures require. We can also provide you with an estimated wait time if they do need to be sent out for replacement.

Find Out If You Are a Candidate for Implants

Dentures that break are sometimes a sign that something else is going on in your mouth. For example, dentures that become loose often break due to excessive force being applied in the wrong areas as you eat. Implant-supported dentures may be an option that reduces this type of movement.

You will also find that having fixed implants reduces other risk factors for breakage. When dentures stay in your mouth, you don't need to worry about dropping them during your oral hygiene routine. 

Once your Tempe dentist repair or replace your dentures, we will counsel you on the best ways to prevent damage from happening again. Regular dental exams, combined with proper care practices at home, can help your new dentures last for many years.

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