Children’s Dentistry is One of Our Specialties

Children's Dentistry in TempeWith children’s dentistry, our dental office team provides gentle and soothing treatments that will prevent fear. This slow and steady demeanor can make visiting the dentist more pleasant for a nervous child.

Our Team Provides an Enjoyable Visit

An important aspect of making dental care enjoyable for children is how our office staff responds when they arrive.

Our dental hygienist will welcome your child by showing a fun DVD about visiting the dentist, or they might provide an informative coloring book and crayons with the same type of information.

Our dentists at Noble Dental Care have children and grandchildren, and understand the fears of a child when they’re sitting in the dental chair. While an adult might want to rush through the dental appointment, children require more attention to make the process easier. That is why a dentist experienced in children’s dentistry is so important.

Removing Plaque from Your Child’s Teeth

If your child has plaque on their teeth, our dental hygienist will clean their teeth with specialized instruments. When a child is afraid of this process, we can administer a small amount of nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as “laughing gas”, to help your child relax and possibly fall sleep.

For more invasive procedures such as a filling, we talk to the child in such a way to help them better understand what needs to be done and why.

Nitrous oxide and a fun movie on the ceiling monitor and headphones helps the child get through dental procedures in a very nice way.

Bring Your Child to Our Dental Office at an Early Age

Rather than waiting until a child is older, begin bringing them to our office when they is about six months old. That way we can examine your child’s mouth to determine if there are any abnormalities that require early treatment.

At the same time, your child will become accustomed to visiting a dental office, which has bright lighting, strange noises and unique odors.

Early Dental Visits Will Prevent Fear

Children are often fearful of a dentist because they have been taught never to permit an adult to touch them, and therefore it is important to have a caring dentist who is experienced in children’s dentistry and allows a parent to remain nearby during the process.

During the examination, we will want to turn the child’s head to look at their facial structure. In addition, a child must cooperate as we examine the child’s mouth to check for dental decay and gum disease.