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Are Dental Bridges Better Than Implants?

12 Apr, 2023 restorations

Close-up of a dental bridge, a prosthetic device that fills the gap created by missing teeth, anchored by adjacent teeth on either side.Tooth loss occurs to many adults throughout their lives. Accidents happen and oral health issues can arise. 

Replacing missing teeth is an important concern. Take a close look at dental bridges versus implants. Both solutions have their merits and drawbacks.

Dental Bridge vs Implant Procedure

Learn which tooth replacement solution is best for you by comparing the individual procedures. 

Tempe dental bridges are a time-tested procedure that use a capping method. 

For example, you have a missing tooth surrounded by healthy teeth. A dentist creates a tooth bridge of three connected teeth. The healthy teeth surrounding the gap are capped with this bridge, which creates the illusion of three real teeth in place of the gap.

An implant solution involves adding a post into the gums and jawbone where there's a gap. This post has a threaded top section. Once it's successfully in place, a dentist screws an artificial tooth onto the post. The gap is now filled with an implanted tooth.

Is it Better to Get an Implant or a Bridge?

Your dentist will go over the benefits and disadvantages to each procedure. Each person will have specific health concerns to consider with each choice. 

Dental implant, a small titanium post inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth, with an abutment and crown attached on top.

Generally, bridges don't last as long as implants. When you select an implant, you're essentially creating artificial tooth roots. It's a lifetime commitment with an implant.

In contrast, a bridge will need to be replaced periodically. It can degrade over time because it's simply a cap. In fact, a bridge puts added pressure on the surrounding teeth, which may create problems in the future. Your dentist must keep an eye on these teeth in particular to ward off possible tooth decay.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge Over an Implant?

Many people choose a dental bridge over an implant for several reasons. Bridges are a commonplace procedure in the Tempe dental care industry, which means it's been perfected over the years. Bridges are simply less invasive than implants. They can be fitted and installed in little time.

If you have any sort of bone loss, especially as you grow older, a bridge is a smart choice. The dentist doesn't have to drill into the bone for a bridge. Implants must be attached to the bone. Any bone issues can make implants complicated to install and maintain. A bridge is a better choice in this case.

How to Choose Between an Implant and a Bridge

Your dentist will have a clear opinion on which option to choose. It's always best to discuss your personal situation with the dentist. 

However, the cost difference might be a deciding factor. Implants tend to be expensive because of the invasive nature of the procedure. Your dental insurance may cover some of the cost, but it can still be expensive.

Dental bridges are often much lower cost and covered largely by insurance. Although it may need to be replaced in the future, the bridge's cost is often still lower than implants. Your dentist can give you an estimate to compare.



Speak to your dentist about your treatment options. You might prefer one procedure over the other, or you may be a candidate for a mixed approach. 

Working with Dr. Nielsen, your Tempe dentist, is the best way to find the right procedure for your budget and overall health.