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Dental Implants - Could They be Your Best Option?

21 Dec, 2018 restorations

Dental Implants - Could They be Your Best Option?Now that implant dentistry has opened up new options for tooth replacement, it’s worth exploring the potential benefits that this type of dental service can have for your smile.

Dental Implants in Tempe

While dentures and bridges have long been the main ways that dentists replaced broken teeth, you now have the option of having a more permanent type of restoration.

Dental implants involve placing special posts into your jaw that hold the dental crowns in place, so that many of the issues involved with other tooth replacement options are eliminated.

When you need a smile makeover, answering yes to any of these questions means that implants may be your best option.

Do You Have Missing Teeth?

At our office in Tempe, dental implants are often used to replace missing teeth. This type of tooth replacement is often preferable to a bridge when you only have one gap to fill in and the adjacent teeth are still in good condition.

You can also use dental implants to fill in multiple missing teeth without having to use partial or removable dentures. People who have lost several teeth often prefer this option since it allows for the healthy teeth that remain to be left alone.

Are You Worried About Bone Loss or Your Teeth Shifting?

After a tooth is pulled, you may feel relieved that you are no longer in pain. However, you need to be aware of the potential issues that arise after a tooth is left out of your mouth for a significant portion of time.

Each of your teeth helps to hold the other ones in place. Once there is a gap in your mouth, the other teeth will respond to the lack of pressure in this area by moving in to fill the space. This effect can occur within just a few short weeks or months, but an implant immediately stops it from happening.

Bone loss in your jaw is also a common problem after a tooth is lost. The posts from the implants stimulate your jaw bone in a way that is similar to your natural teeth so that you maintain your normal face shape.

How Is Your Overall Oral Health?

Implants do involve oral surgery, which means that your gums need to be in relatively good health. For this reason, you may need to get other oral health issues such as gum disease under control before you have the implants placed.

If this is an issue, don’t be alarmed. Getting your gum disease under control helps to preserve your other teeth and the implants.

Are You Ready to Love Your Smile Again?

Depending upon your lifestyle, implants may be your best option if you have serious tooth breakage or discoloration that detracts from your professional appearance.

You should also know that dental implants are not just for people with high aesthetic needs. Permanent tooth replacement allows you eat and talk normally again so that you no longer feel uncomfortable during the important parts of your day.


Tooth replacement plays a vital role in your overall oral health and happiness with your smile. Be sure to take your time and discuss all of your options with our dentist so that you can proceed with full confidence that you chose the right treatment.

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