Dental RestorationMaking Your Teeth Look and Feel Better with Dental Restoration

If you’re in need of improved comfort, or simply want a better smile, dental restoration may be right for you.

Developments in dentistry have made many patients much happier by allowing them to look and feel better while also being able to eat their favorite foods pain-free. Among the improvements that can help you are:

• Pain relief and better functionality
• Improved bite when necessary
• Repair damage and decay
• Fill spaces in between teeth
• Replace teeth that need to be removed
• Replace past dental treatments

Pain is not something you have to live with. If you have pain as a result of your teeth then the right dental procedure can literally change your life.

Dental restoration will help you feel like you can really live again, whether it’s eating your favorite foods, or even drinking something hot or cold without fearing that it will cause pain.

Correct Improper Bite

An improper bite is a nuisance that many people just get used to. Many patients who get their bite corrected report back to us that they never realized how they had been merely tolerating daily discomfort.

Just as you can be free from pain, you can also be relieved of discomfort from an improper bite. In some cases, it will be necessary to fix the teeth that are causing it.

Fix Damaged/Decayed Teeth

Patients with chipped incisors, decayed molars, or any other types of damage can get them fixed with various dental restoration processes.

This kind of damage can lead to unsightly gaps that are uncomfortable when eating. Additionally, some gaps make people uncomfortable when talking to others.

Fill Spaces in Between Teeth

If you have gaps because of how your teeth came in, how they eroded due to damage or decay, or because of a missing tooth, they can be filled in.

Having gaps, as noted above, affects your day from how , feels while eating and drinking, to how it feels to smile and laugh.

dental restorationsReplace Teeth

A missing tooth can really create havoc in your life. Some people aren’t comfortable chewing on one side, others try to cover it up by mumbling.

While we can agree that tooth replacement is a more expensive option than getting dentures, the freedom of having a dental implant is well worth the cost. A denture can get lost (and often do!).

Additionally, many patients worry about the potential for embarrassment if it comes out at an inopportune time.

An implant solves all of those problems.

Replace Unattractive Dental Treatments

Some patients have past dental restoration treatments that are unattractive. This could be because they were done in another country, or simply because they were completed by a less experienced dental professional.

Dental restorations have come a long way in just a few years. If you’re wondering if you’re a candidate the best thing you can do is make an appointment with our office to discuss your options.