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Emergency DentistDental emergencies are often extremely painful, and the sight of a knocked out or broken tooth may leave you feeling terrified.

While most mouth injuries look worse than they really are, there are times when you must seek help right away.

In our Tempe office, we consider a dental emergency to be any situation where your comfort and oral health is in serious jeopardy.

Call Immediately for These Emergencies

There are several situations that commonly lead to an emergency dentist appointment. Give us a call immediately when you or a loved one experience one of the following.

  • Severe tooth pain 
  • Painful swelling with pus in the jaw
  • Knocked out or loose tooth
  • Missing crown or filling
  • Cracked tooth with noticeable pain
  • Blow to the mouth that results in severe swelling or bleeding

You can also reach out any time that you have pain without an obvious reason. Many dental emergencies have underlying causes that require a professional exam and x-rays to identify.

Get Advice on Dental First Aid

As with other emergencies, knowing what to do after a dental trauma could make the difference between saving a tooth. We recommend holding a knocked out tooth in the socket until you get to your appointment. If that is not possible, then store it in tooth preservative or a glass of milk. 

If bleeding occurs in the mouth, you can hold sterile gauze over the wound to help stop it. Cold compresses applied to the outside of the cheek may also help to stop blood flow and reduce swelling and pain.

For most dental emergencies, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever to help you feel more comfortable until you get to our office. 

Prompt Relief From Pain and Discomfort

Upon arrival for your appointment, we can help you receive treatment using one of several different pain relief methods. In addition to topical pain relievers, you may opt for relief solutions such as conscious sedation for more complicated procedures.

Save a Badly Damaged Tooth

During your exam, we will check for all underlying issues that are contributing to the emergency. Although feeling your tooth loose in your mouth is scary, we can often save it with treatments such as root canals. Broken teeth may be repaired with dental bonding or covered with a crown to improve aesthetics and functioning.

Receive Same Day Dental Care

With a dental emergency, we try to get you into the office that very same day. In some cases, such as with a knocked out tooth, you must be seen right away for the best possible outcome. After a dental emergency arises, don’t hesitate to call us right away.

Affordable Emergency Care

Preserving your smile is worth every penny. Yet, you might not always be financially ready for a dental emergency. We understand that everyone’s budget is different. We make it easier to keep dental care affordable by offering several financial options.

In addition to your dental insurance, we accept cash, checks and credit cards. We also accept CareCredit so that you have many ways to take care of your needs.

Taking care of your teeth means protecting them from damage. Yet, wearing a mouthguard during sports and coming in for regular exams can only go so far. We recommend storing our number in your phone so that you can schedule an emergency appointment anytime and anywhere that a dental trauma occurs.