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Fix Your Dental Problems and Smile With Confidence

13 Jul, 2021 cosmetic-dentistry

Woman with a confident smile.

Your smile and laughter show off your personality. Everyone loves spending time with someone who smiles freely. After all, a cheerful smile lets people know you are friendly. 

Bad Teeth? Let’s Fix Your Dental Problems 

In recent months or years, you might have started hiding your smile. If so, this is likely because you have a dental condition that needs help. Addressing these common dental problems makes it possible to smile with confidence again.

Start With a Good Teeth Cleaning

It’s amazing what a good routine cleaning can do for teeth. Regular cleanings remove tartar and plaque that can become noticeable when you smile. A cleaning can also remove light surface stains from other sources. Starting off with a cleaning is also helpful for identifying additional areas that need correction.

Most people feel like cleanings are the easiest dental procedure to experience. Scheduling a cleaning and exam is an easy way to get back to your Tempe dentist. You’ll already know what to expect. This makes it ideal for getting over any anxiety that you might feel.

Brighten Your Teeth

Some stains need further treatment. Drinks such as coffee and tea can cause your teeth to turn yellow. You may also have stains from a tobacco habit that need to be erased. In-office teeth whitening treatments are quick and simple. They’ll erase years of stains and lighten your teeth by multiple shades.

Get Tooth-Colored Fillings

Do you have old metal fillings that can be seen when you smile? Even fillings in your back molars might be visible when you open your mouth to let out a loud laugh. Newer fillings made from tooth-colored materials are virtually undetectable to the naked eye. You can also replace old composite fillings that are stained to have a more uniform smile.

Man undergoing teeth cleaning.

Cover Up Chipped and Broken Teeth

You might’ve chipped a tooth playing sports as a youth. Or, you may have several teeth that started chipping due to weakened enamel. Those little chips and breaks aren’t just unsightly. They can also lead to further issues such as cavities and pulp infections. 

Your dentist can use several methods to fix broken teeth. Dental crowns cover up the entire tooth. This is best for severe breaks or ones on teeth that have decay. They add strength in addition to making your teeth look better.

Veneers are another option. These fit over the main visible surface of your teeth. They work best on healthy teeth. They can be used to cover up deep stains that don’t respond to whitening treatments. They can also cover up chips that don’t expose the dental pulp. A veneer can be made slightly wider to help fill in spaces where teeth are too far apart.

Tooth whitening procedure.

Fill In Those Embarrassing Gaps

Missing teeth are one of the biggest dental issues that can mess with your confidence. Losing a front tooth might cause you to stop smiling. You may also worry that someone can see the gap when you talk. Dentures, bridges and implants are all potential options that can replace a missing tooth. With the right replacement, you’ll feel like smiling at everyone you see.


The best thing about prettier teeth is that they feel better, too. Living life without pain from cavities and broken teeth is more enjoyable. With a personalized treatment plan, you’ll be on your way to smiling with pure happiness.