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How to Soothe Your Baby’s Teething Pain

05 Oct, 2020 dental-care

Soothing crying baby's teething pain

Seeing your baby’s first smile is exciting. Those tiny first teeth are adorable, but they can also cause some serious pain. Your baby may be teething if you notice excessive drooling, crankiness or a change in their appetite. These symptoms often arrive before you can see or feel their first tooth. 

Figuring out how to help your baby ease their pain may require some trial and error. These tried and true methods all help to get your baby through this challenging stage.

Rub Their Gums

Rubbing baby's gums to Sooth teething pain

Most teething pain comes from the pressure created by the tooth pushing against the gums. Using counter-pressure can sometimes relieve the sensations that this causes to the nerves. Use a clean finger or a moistened piece of gauze to massage your baby’s gums. This method is most likely to help if your baby seems to be mouthing everything they get their hands on.

Experiment With a Teething Toy or Washcloth

Teething rings come in a variety of different textures and styles. These toys use cold temperatures to soothe inflamed gums. Avoid using any that are filled with gel since these can break. A clean, wet washcloth can also be chilled to deliver the same cooling effects in a pinch.

Offer Cold and Soft Food

Babies often turn away food that makes their pain worse. For now, give your baby cold foods that are easy for them to swallow with very little chewing. Pureed fruits and vegetables can be chilled in the refrigerator to make them more enticing to teething babies.

Try Teething Biscuits

Teething cookies are an option that you can use for older babies. These biscuits are designed for babies to gnaw on to get the counter-pressure that they crave. Keep in mind that these biscuits can leave behind residue that stays on your baby’s teeth. Even a brand new tooth can get a cavity. Give those emerging teeth a wipe down with a finger brush or wet washcloth when your baby is done eating to keep them clean.

Consider an Over the Counter Medication

There may be times when teething pain is severe enough to require medication for relief. You may need to avoid using herbal remedies or teething gels that contain potentially harmful ingredients, so talk to your baby’s Tempe dentist to find out which medications are safest to use. 

Give Extra Cuddles

Cuddling Baby to Help Soothe Teething Pains

The one good thing about teething is that it doesn’t last forever. Take advantage of those extra minutes when you are up late at night with your baby. Pull up a rocking chair and let them know you are there. Snuggling together reassures your baby that they are okay, and your comforting arms serve as a distraction from their pain.

Keep Their Skin Clean and Dry

All of that drool can add up to chapped skin around your baby’s mouth. Give that precious face a gentle wipe down anytime you see moisture building up. This prevents rashes that add to the pain.

We like to meet our youngest patients around the time that their first tooth arrives. Establishing a relationship early helps your baby feel comfortable visiting our office as they grow. During this first visit, we can make sure that the tooth is growing without any problems. You can also receive more advice about how to soothe your baby’s pain.