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Is It Safe to Visit Your Dentist?

31 Aug, 2020 general-dentistry

Temlpe dental patient

The pandemic has changed how people look at things that they used to do without hesitation.

A visit to the dentist is one of the times that you should be able to do with absolute trust. While you do your part to take care of your teeth at home, you should feel safe about the hygiene procedures that the dental team uses when you visit the office.

You might have had to opt out of some of your favorite activities over the recent months, but you can rest assured that going to your Tempe dentist is safe. 

In addition to the regular sanitation procedures that our team normally follows, we’ve implemented a few new strategies that help to alleviate any fears.

Avoid Germ Exposure With Socially Distanced Appointments

Social distancing illustrationWe’ve always taken great care to make sure that our patients have minimal waiting times. Now, we’ve increased our focus on keeping our office as comfortable as possible.

All of our appointments are scheduled with extra time in between each one. This gives us the chance to disinfect any areas that might be harboring germs.

Our new appointment practices also mean that you are less likely to encounter people in the waiting room. If you prefer to wait outside or in your car, let our office staff know. They can send you a text or call you when it is time for you to come back to the treatment room.

Hand sanitizer, disposable masks, and other necessary hygiene items are available for our patients at all times.

Sit In The Chair Without Any Fear

Wiping down exam chairs, countertops and other high touch areas with a disinfectant is an essential hygiene practice for every dental clinic.

Between each patient, we take extra time to make sure that every surface is germ-free. From light switches to trays, each detail is thoroughly cleaned before you sit down in the chair.

Know What Goes On Behind the Scenes

Sterilizing dental tools at Noble Dental CareMost patients never see all of the hard work that goes into sterilizing dental equipment.

Our office has an entire room that is dedicated to cleaning used implements. First, we use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all of the debris from the surface of the dental tools.

Each tool is then placed into an autoclave. An autoclave is a machine that uses heated steam to kill bacteria and viruses. The temperature inside of the machine reaches 270 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The tools are left in the machine for 20 minutes. The procedure is known to kill the coronavirus along with other potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.

Feel Safe During Moments of Close Contact

Temperature check of dental staff before starting workGetting your teeth cleaned or filled does require you to be closer than six feet. The risks involved with close contact are easily corrected by wearing personal protection equipment.

Dentists wear special masks, gloves, and goggles that virtually eliminate the transfer of germs. You can also ask to wear special glasses during procedures to reduce the risk of viral transmission.

Our team goes through a daily screening process that includes a temperature and symptom check. We also ask the same of our patients. With everyone feeling well, we can all feel safe as we proceed with your dental procedures.

It is normal to feel worried about any type of health care service that provides close contact during this challenging time. Your comfort is a priority, and so is a healthy smile. 

Skipping dental appointments can lead to tooth and gum problems that last long after the pandemic is over. 

You can still visit us for your regular checkups and treatments and trust that you are in safe hands. We look forward to seeing you!