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I got LUMINEERS 20 years ago, and I still can’t believe how amazing they are. .. I just can’t help smiling every time I catch a peek at myself.

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LumineersGet the beautiful, healthy, natural-looking, white smile you’ve always dreamed about in just 2 dentist visits.

No other treatment comes close. By using a highly advanced technique, LUMINEERS can be placed in just 2 easy visits without requiring shots or drilling of your sensitive tooth structure*.

Made from extraordinarily strong, patented Cerinate porcelain, LUMINEERS are clinically proven to maintain their radiance and integrity for over 20 years** That durability improves the strength of your teeth. And, LUMINEERS are backed by a limited 5-year warranty.

Lumineers Q & A

Here are some answers to questions you may have

Q. What are LUMINEERS?\

A. LUMINEERS are thin porcelain shields that are bonded to the front of your teeth to create dramatic, beautiful changes in your smile.

Q. Is there any discomfort involved?

A. No. Because LUMINEERS require little to no preparation, there is no need to drill your sensitive tooth structure*.

Q. How long will it take to get my beautiful, white smile?

A. While some people may need other dental treatments, LUMINEERS typically require only 2 dental visits.

Q. How do I know if LUMINEERS is right for me?

A. Your dentist can show you how your smile can be improved with LUMINEERS – schedule a consultation today.

Q. Is there any age requirement for LUMNINEERS?

A. An amazing LUMINEERS smile is possible for all ages.

Q. How long do LUMINEERS last?

A. Long-term clinical research with LUMINEERS shows 100% retention with no discoloration for over 20 years**.

Q. What if I have questions?

A. If you have further questions, ask your dentist today or visit www.lumineers.com