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Oral Health - What Your Mouth Tells Your Dentist About Your Health

05 Mar, 2018 general-dentistry

Oral Health - What Your Mouth Tells Your Dentist About Your HealthYour oral health is a veritable, road map to the rest of your body. A symptom occurring in your mouth, such as bleeding gums, might be a sign of issues with the rest of your bodily systems.

Tempe Teeth Cleaning for Better Oral Health

Good Oral Health Equals Good Overall Health

Your dentist has the tough job of looking at these symptoms and narrowing them down to specific causes. Learn more about what your mouth tells your dentist about your health so that you can be proactive about any ailments.

Cardiovascular Disease

Gum disease occurs to hundreds of people every year. The main symptom that tells you that there's an issue is bleeding gums.

If your gums remain unhealthy, they have chronic inflammation and bleeding. Any bacteria associated with the disease can move through your bloodstream and into other tissues.

Inflammation plays a major role too. It's possible that the inflammation and active bacteria contribute to heart attacks. Fight off gum disease so that your chances of a heart attack diminish.


You might be constantly fighting off bleeding gums and mouth abscesses. It seems like nothing relieves these ailments. Your dentist might ask you to visit your doctor to verify a diabetic diagnosis.

People who don't know that they're diabetic cannot fight bacterial infections as well as others. This fact is especially true for oral health ailments. Control the diabetes, and the abscesses may go away by themselves.

Sinus Infection

Dealing with a sinus infection is a frustrating experience. It's not always obvious, however. You're more concerned about your painful tooth. Go to the dentist for an X-ray because your painful tooth can be either a cavity or sinus infection.

Your sinuses are located just above the tooth roots on the upper jaw. As the sinus swells with phlegm, it presses against your tooth root. You believe that you have a tooth problem when in reality it's just a sinus infection. Treat the infection, and your tooth will feel comfortable once again.

Grinding Your Teeth

Chipped or missing enamel on your teeth indicate stress in some form. You might bite your nails or grind the teeth at night. Your dentist sees these damages almost immediately during a standard cleaning.

There are solutions, such as mouthguards, that can reduce the damage across the teeth. Allowing the habits to continue will only create further damage that may not be treatable.

Oral Cancer

Although it's rare, oral cancer can occur to some patients. You won't have any symptoms of the ailment either. However, your dentist will know almost immediately that there's an issue.

As the professional inspects your mouth, tiny spots might appear in the back of the cavity. These spots might be associated with cancer. They must be evaluated afterward. Your dentist can find the cancer as quickly as possible so that it can be eradicated well before it grows out of control.

Caring for your teeth is still the main prevention against cavities and gum disease. Be diligent about brushing twice a day with flossing in the evening.

Use mouthwash suggested by your dental professional so that those tough areas within the mouth can be treated with some disinfectant. Over the years, proper oral health hygiene leads to a long lifespan with few ailments hindering your fun.

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