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Teeth Grinding Madness: Exploring a Harmful TikTok Trend

20 Oct, 2020 dental-care

Teeth filing - is it dangerous?

Kids will be kids, right? They often make silly or goofy mistakes that can be easily remedied, but what about when a new trend appears in online culture that leads to lifelong dental problems and costly procedures? If that sounds a little too scary to be true, think again!

TikTok -- a popular app that allows its users to make funny videos and memes to share with friends -- has come under fire with users partaking in a harmful dental trend. 

Nail Filing Your Teeth

TikTok users are now posting videos of themselves on the app where they file their teeth down to get an even appearance. Many that have partaken in the trend have claimed they're unhappy with the visual appearance of their teeth.

One user, @MiaDio, said, "I'm going to file my teeth down because they are not perfect," before grinding her enamel away with a nail file. She then goes on to show that her teeth are, in fact, straight. But this raises an interesting question: what kind of dental damage are TikTok users causing by engaging in this activity?

The Role of Enamel

Tooth anatomy

To understand why this behavior is dangerous, we must first explore the role that enamel plays on our smile. Did you know that enamel -- the outermost layer of the tooth -- cannot be regenerated or restored once destroyed? 

Filing one's enamel also causes dental issues years down the road. When the structural integrity of the enamel diminishes, the entire tooth becomes more sensitive and prone to infection. Experiences such as cavities, discoloration, cracking, fracture lines and sensitivity to hot and cold substances are on the horizon. 

The Correct Approach to Dental Imperfections

Do you have uneven, crooked teeth that leave you feeling dissatisfied? If so, filing them down to match your surrounding teeth is not the treatment for you! Instead, realize that filing your teeth can lead to the need for fillings, crowns, caps and cosmetic treatments to return your teeth to normal. If this doesn't sound like fun, don't participate in the TikTok filing challenge.

Instead, set up an appointment with us for a consultation, so your Tempe dentist can tell you what options are available for your needs.

Hive-Mind Behavior

Teeth grinding

Remember when you were a child and an adult asked you if you would jump off of a bridge if you saw your friends doing it? Although you may have jokingly replied 'yes' to their question, this type of mentality can be seen within the TikTok community.

At Noble Dental Care, we want you to enjoy your life, laugh with your friends and make memories on TikTok that don't require future dental work. Do you want to be the person that has lifelong issues with their teeth on account of a random internet meme? 


If you have any dental-related questions, or if you have participated in the teeth-filing TikTok challenge, we want to hear from you! We can repair any damage and have you smiling in no time!