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Steps Required for Dentist Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

22 May, 2018 cosmetic-dentistry

Steps Required for Dentist Office Teeth Whitening ProcedureThere are many substances that will stain the dental enamel on your teeth including tobacco, some foods and medications. You might have overall discolorations that make your teeth look yellow, gray or brown. But you can also have ugly spots on your teeth that create an unattractive smile.

Teeth Whitening in Tempe

The best way to flash the whitest smile, is by undergoing a dental teeth whitening procedure. While there are store-bought products such as toothpaste, mouthwash or specialized kits that you can use to remove some stains from your teeth, these items are ineffective, and you can damage your dental restorations by using these products.

A safer and more efficient way to whiten your teeth is a dental whitening procedure. Following are the steps required for teeth whitening at your family dentist office.

Steps Required for Teeth Whitening Procedure

Step 1: A Complete Dental Examination

Before completing a teeth whitening procedure, you should have a thorough examination to determine if you have any cavities or gingivitis. If you do have these problems, a dentist can fill small cavities right away. But treating gingivitis can require several weeks. In addition, it is a great idea to have your teeth cleaned to remove any dental plaque that contains bacteria.

Step 2: Protecting Your Dental Restorations

The chemicals from teeth whitening can damage your dental restorations, including veneers, crowns or implants. But your dentist can protect these items with a brush-on substance. If your dental restorations have stains, a dentist can remove these discolorations with other methods that won't damage the items.

Step 3: Preparing Your Mouth

While having your teeth whitened, your mouth's glands will salivate. Your dentist will place rubber devices in your mouth to hold this moisture. These devices will also hold any of the chemicals from the tooth-whitening process so that you don't ingest the substances.

Step 4: Preparing Your Gums

While your dentist will only apply the whitening liquids to your teeth, some of it may drip onto your gums. Then he or she can apply a protective substance to this sensitive tissue. Many dentists will use a desensitizing gel that helps to numb the gum tissue and your dental roots during the tooth-whitening procedure.

Step 5: Application of Carbamide Peroxide to the Teeth

You dentist will use a brush to apply carbamide peroxide to your teeth. This is to make sure that the substance is on all of the dental enamel. The moisture inside your mouth or added water will create a chemical reaction that helps the peroxide to seep into the top layer of your dental enamel.

Step 6: Light-acceleration Whitening

To improve the effectiveness of the whitening peroxide, your dentist can use a cool laser. A teeth whitening procedure lasts 30 minutes to one hour, and after the peroxide has stopped working, you will rinse your mouth. Your dentist may polish your teeth to remove the dry carbamide peroxide.

Step 7: Aftercare of Your Teeth

After you leave the dentist's office, you shouldn't consume brightly colored foods or beverages to avoid staining your teeth again. With the right type of behavior, your teeth will remain whiter for approximately one year.

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