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Too Embarrassed to Visit a Dentist?

22 Apr, 2019 general-dentistry

Too Embarrassed to Visit a Dentist?Embarrassment is a powerful emotion. It is so powerful that the fear of showing the dentist your yellow or missing teeth could cause you to avoid making an appointment for a checkup or cleaning. 

Embarrassed to Visit Dentist

While we understand your desire to hide your smile, we also want to make sure that you know that you are safe in our office. In fact, we prefer you to come in for a visit since delaying dental care can seriously endanger your health.

Stop Cavities Before They Require More Serious Intervention

When you avoid going to the dentist because you're embarrassed about how long it has been since you've seen a dentist, and how bad your teeth are, you are only making a bad situtation worse. Cavities should be filled as soon as possible, before they start causing you pain, get infected, or get so bad you'll have to get a root canal and/or crown.

Replace a Lost Crown Quickly

It's not uncommon to lose a dental crown when eating something hard and sticky, especially if the crown has been in place for years or the tooth below it has degraded. Sometimes it can be reattached and will be fine for many more years. By putting off getting it reattached or replaced, you're inviting serious problems, such as infection in the form of an abscess. 

Avoid Dangerous Gum Infections

Pretty teeth are great, but you also need to worry about your gum health. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, but it also impacts the rest of your body. People with untreated gum disease are at greater risk for having a heart attack, and it is believed that this is due to an increase of inflammation and bacteria in the body.

You can also develop a major abscess near a tooth that can spread throughout your face and neck. In most cases, an abscess should be treated as an emergency situation since it can cause intense pain and increase the risk of new infections in the mouth.

Get Screened for Cancer

Oral cancer screenings are another service that we provide that impacts your overall health. When you think about it, most people rarely have their inner cheeks, tongue and roof of their mouth checked by a doctor. Since oral cancer usually has a good prognosis when it is caught early, delaying your dental visit could be keeping you from treating early lesions before they have a chance to spread.

Regain a Positive Self Image

Your mental health also plays a role in your wellbeing. Facing your fear of embarrassment gives you a huge confidence boost, and it feels good knowing that you are taking charge of your oral health. As you begin to feel good about your smile and benefit from better physical health, you will want to continue to make positive changes in your lifestyle that promote happiness.

Our office is a judgment-free place where you never have to worry about us thinking bad things about the condition of your teeth. We know that all kinds of factors, including life events, play a role in the state of your teeth and gums. We also believe that your oral health and overall wellbeing are connected. Let us know if you feel fear or embarrassment about visiting the dentist so that we can take extra steps to help you feel accepted in our office.

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