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Why is My Tooth Turning Black?

12 Sep, 2022 cosmetic-dentistry

Woman checking tooth discoloration on mirror.

Monitoring the quality of your teeth is necessary to ensure they continue to hold up well and last a lifetime.

Even with proper oral hygiene, there may come a time when you notice one of your teeth has started to turn black, which can be concerning as it affects your appearance. 

There are a few facts to learn about why your tooth is turning black and the necessary steps to take.

The Causes of a Black Tooth

One of the main causes of a gray or black tooth is decay, which can develop as excess tartar and plaque build up over time. 

Fortunately, tooth decay can be reversible in the early stages, but can cause permanent damage to the tooth when it becomes more progressed and causes the tooth to turn black. 

If the black is a lighter color shade, it can be due to stains that have formed on the teeth due to consuming different types of foods and beverages. Drinking a lot of tea, coffee, and even smoking can cause teeth to darken, even if you have the habit of brushing and flossing each day.

An injury to a tooth can also make it turn black, due to trauma. Some teeth can turn black when they crack and bacteria enter the tooth, causing the discoloration to gradually develop.

In rare cases, black teeth are a sign of oral cancer when they're accompanied by black spots that develop in the mouth. 

Tooth decay - a cause of black tooth.

Steps to Take if Your Tooth is Turning Black

If you notice your tooth is turning black, it's important to immediately contact your Tempe dentist to schedule an appointment. A routine exam and x-rays will help determine the cause of the discoloration.

The treatments for a blackened tooth vary and depend on the cause of the issue. Your dentist will take a close look at the tooth enamel and gum tissue to ensure they can accurately assess and diagnose the problem. 

They'll provide you with their recommendations regarding treatment.


How to Prevent Black Teeth

There are many ways to prevent black teeth developing as you age, which includes taking care of your gums. 

Although it's easy to give more attention to your teeth, the gums also require a high level of care and should gently be brushed twice each day. 

Regularly flossing will also prevent the gums from bleeding due to inflammation.

Working with your dentist is the most effective step to take to treat a black tooth and restore your smile. Left untreated, it can result in permanent tooth loss, making it necessary to act quickly to investigate the cause of the issue.

To avoid getting a black tooth in the first place, be diligent with regular dental checkups and cleanings.