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Why It Is Important to Replace Missing Teeth

11 Feb, 2022 restorations

Knocked tooth that requires tooth replacement.

People lose their teeth for a variety of reasons. You might have knocked an adult tooth out when you were younger and didn’t get the chance to replace it. Or, you might be facing deep decay as an aging adult. Gum disease can also lead to tooth loss. 

What Happens If You Don’t Replace a Missing Tooth

After having an extraction, you may not be looking forward to another dental procedure with your Tempe dentist and so consider putting off replacing a tooth if it isn’t in your smile zone. But choosing to replace any missing teeth provides long-lasting benefits.

Stop Your Other Teeth From Shifting Out of Place

Teeth are held in place by stretchy ligaments and your gums. When a tooth is lost, your teeth will naturally begin to shift to fill in the gap. This can cause undesirable changes in your appearance. 

The shifting can also alter your bite and lead to issues such as TMJ that require further treatment. Teeth that shift too far out of place can also make brushing and flossing more difficult. Filling in that gap can prevent you from developing new areas of tooth decay.

Continue to Speak and Eat Normally

That cute little lisp kids get when they lose their two front teeth isn’t so fun when you’re an adult. Your tongue touches your teeth in specific ways as you talk. Without a tooth in place, you may find it harder to produce the correct sounds. Putting in a bridge or dental implant can restore your ability to speak properly.

The same type of problem happens when you try to eat. Without a tooth there, the food can hit your gums and cause irritation. You may also find it hard to chew your food, especially if you have multiple missing teeth. After tooth replacement, you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods again.

Missing tooth - why is it important to be replaced.

Maintain Your Appearance

Your teeth shape the lower part of your face. You can see this effect if you look at before and after pictures of people who get braces. 

You might have also noticed that people with a full set of missing teeth tend to have a caved in appearance around their mouth. This can happen due to bone loss in your jaw. Your lips and cheeks also fall inward without your teeth being there to hold them up.

Each type of tooth replacement option helps to support your lips and cheeks. Dental implants have posts that stimulate your jaw bone like natural teeth do. Over time, you can expect to see fewer signs of aging by replacing your teeth than you’ll see with gaps.

Step Outside With Confidence

Having a full set of teeth has a range of health benefits that include being able to eat nutritious meals. You’ll also gain the opportunity to feel better emotionally. 

Tooth replacements restore your ability to smile without feeling embarrassed. Being self-confident infuses every aspect of your life with positivity and is worth taking the time to replace your teeth.

Extractions are typically our last resort for ending pain and infections. If you do have to lose a tooth, then don’t worry. We can offer you several tooth replacement options to find one that fits your needs. 

Although nothing can fully replace a healthy tooth, modern tooth replacements come extremely close. Whether you prefer a bridge, dentures, or implants, we’ll create a custom-fit that looks and feels natural.