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Why Veneers May Be an Ideal Solution

17 May, 2021 cosmetic-dentistry

Woman smiling with veneers.

Veneers are one of a cosmetic dentist’s best treatments for giving patients the smile of their dreams. 

A veneer is an extremely thin shell of porcelain or ceramic. The shell is made to fit the shape of your teeth. The materials can also be tinted to be a perfect match for the rest of your teeth. 

While you may have several options for fixing common cosmetic dental problems, veneers offer several benefits that often make them the perfect option.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

Correct Stains That Won’t Lift With Traditional Whitening Methods

Professional teeth whitening methods are safe, and you can effectively lighten most teeth by several shades. There are some instances where you might find that the stains just won’t lift. 

Intrinsic stains from too much fluoride during your youth or certain health conditions may require exploring other options. A veneer serves as a coverup that hides unsightly discolorations.

Fix Minor Chips Using the Least-Invasive Treatment

Before veneers came along, people had to either live with chipped teeth or face the process of getting crowns. A crown is still an option, but this procedure requires removing more of your tooth structure than might be necessary. 

We only need to remove a tiny bit of your tooth to prep it for a veneer. In some cases, we might avoid removing anything at all.

Fill In Gaps Faster Than With Orthodontic Treatment

Fixing tooth gap with veneers.

Invisalign revolutionized how we treat misaligned teeth today. You may still be hesitant about undergoing lengthy orthodontic treatment. 

Older adults may need a fast solution for gaps in their teeth, or you might have just embarked upon a career with high aesthetic needs. 

Veneers can be fitted to fix gaps and create a noticeable difference in only one or two office visits.

Create a Unified Appearance In Your Smile Zone

Treating one tooth at a time with crowns or dental bonding can sometimes make it hard to make all of your teeth match. 

Crowns and bonding materials stain at different rates from your natural teeth. If you’ve had work done in the past, then you may already see this effect in your smile. 

Many people choose to have veneers placed on the main four top and bottom teeth. This makes it easier to match each one to the other so that no one can tell that you’ve had cosmetic dental treatment.

Keep Your Current Oral Hygiene Routine

Other types of tooth restorations may require you to change what you do each morning and night. Special flossing techniques and inter-proximal brushes may not be oral hygiene changes that you want to explore right now. 

Veneers let you keep brushing and flossing your teeth like you normally do. A Tempe dentist can then use gentle cleaning methods to care for them when you come back for your regular teeth cleanings.

Enjoy a Virtually Pain-Free Cosmetic Dentistry Option

Illustration of veneers.

Does the thought of having your tooth filed down for a crown fill you with fear? We wish it didn’t, but we also understand. The need for less prep work also means less time in our chair. 

Most people feel little to no pain during the placement of veneers. If you need it, we can place them with a local anesthetic much like you would receive with a filling.


A cosmetic dentistry consultation should include giving you all of your potential options for fixing a problem. 

Veneers are ideal for fixing stains, chips and gaps between your teeth with minimal prep work. With proper care, you can enjoy stain-free teeth that last many years.